Oxford Holt & Company

Oxford Holt has been improving business processes and raising productivity across most industrial and commercial sectors for more than a quarter of a century. 

Jeff Holt has either overseen or undertaken assignments at over one hundred companies.  He plays some part in all projects, either managing a team or undertaking the project in its entirety.  This approach ensures that one person is both responsible and accountable for all parts of the consultancy process, from drawing-up proposals at the outset, through to completion - including the results and benefits achieved. 


Our results have included:

  • 100% increase in productivity
  • 90% reduction in material shortages
  • 80% decrease in cycle time
  • 70% reduction in set-up time
  • 60% reduction in floor space required
  • First day payback on project fees

Another major advantage of using Oxford Holt is our commitment to a fixed-fee pricing structure, where possible - with no hidden extras or extended time scales. 

This facet of our service is intended to reassure clients that it is in our interest to complete the assignment both satisfactorily and within the terms of reference.

The audited savings on Government funded projects reiterates the level of savings that are routinely achieved.