Oxford Holt & Company

What our clients say about us

"We have never used Consultants in the past and spoke to a great number of them about our project - but we made the right choice in selecting you"  

- Managing Director of a service company

"Without the intervention of Oxford Holt we would have had to call in the receivers"  

- Financial Director of an engineering company

"We could never have completed the project and produced such professional results in-house"  

- Operations Director of a fabrication company

"That's brilliant; you have saved us £10,000 PA on your first day"  

- Operations Director of a food company

"Jeff Holt is amongst the best in his field, certainly the best I have met"  

- Production Manager of a printing company

"By using Oxford Holt, I am confident that the project will be completed on time and to the satisfaction of the company" 

- Distribution Manager of a logistics company

"The savings from the project by Oxford Holt have guaranteed our survival for the foreseeable future"

- Production Manager of a textiles manufacturer

"I am really pleased with your company and what you have done for us.  Your fees are reasonable and I like your style, you can expect a call from the MD of our sister company next week" 

- Managing Director of a bed manufacturer

"The Oxford Holt assignment has proved to be a watershed for us.  You can trace our success back to your work"  

- Manufacturing Director of a timber supplier

"Your company is very practical and results orientated, not like many other Consultants who are all talk and theory"  

- Managing Director of a furniture company

"We have been using the results of your report as a basis for our management decisions for the last ten years.  They are still accurate now"  

- Technical Director of a plastics company

"I am very happy with your work and the way that you do business, we were not progressing until you became involved with us" 

- Chairman of an upholstery company

"I am not concerned about your fees.  I know that overall you will save us more than you cost us" 

- Managing Director of a fabrications company

"Very thorough in approach with realistic and achievable ideas and easy to work with"

- Managing Director of a joinery products manufacturer