Oxford Holt & Company

However efficient and effective you consider your organisation to be, there are always opportunities to improve performance and profitability:

Untapped cost savings         


Could be turned into profits

Operational improvements


Affecting the smooth running of your company

Efficiency projects


Overlooked due to lack of in-house resources

Strategic direction


Slowing the development of your organisation by not having a clear way forwards

Developing your staff


Training, mentoring and developing staff to make improvements on an ongoing basis

Long-standing problem areas


Costing your business money by remaining unsolved

An independent view


A "fresh pair of eyes" to objectively focus your thoughts and provide a catalyst for action

These factors present themselves in all shapes and forms across the length and breadth of industry and commerce.  They affect the profitability of your business - but they also represent potential for making improvements that will:

  • Reduce operating costs

  • Minimise all forms of waste

  • Improve customer service

  • Result in cost savings and other benefits


A short visit to your premises would enable us to pinpoint some definite areas where we could help your company and enable us to submit a "cost vs. benefits" scenario relating to a project. 

There is no charge for this part of service, so there is nothing to lose by determining where you can begin to make improvements.