Oxford Holt & Company

Oxford Holt & Company

Business performance and productivity improvement consultancy

Formed in 1984, Oxford Holt and Company provides performance and productivity improvement consultancy to a wide range of businesses and industrial sectors.

Based in West Yorkshire, we have helped organisations from all around the UK to become more productive and profitable.  Our overall aim is to ensure that our clients obtain the best possible performance by consistently improving effectiveness and efficiency, leading to enhanced and sustained profitability

Our expertise extends to the optimization of all parts of the business, including:


  • Management, administration and clerical functions
  • Manufacturing, operation or service
  • Warehousing and distribution 

Ensuring a maximum return on investment, in terms of:

  • Manpower
  • Materials
  • Plant and machinery
  • Equipment
  • Land and buildings
  • Overhead costs

Our productivity and process improvement consultants offer assistance, advice and practical solutions in relation to a wide range of business issues that impact upon profitability.  Virtually all of our projects are self-financing with the consultancy fees recouped within a matter of months - sometimes weeks.  Several projects have actually become cost neutral on the first day!

Today, our client list totals more than one hundred companies.  These range from small owner-managed firms to multi-national corporations and span the complete spectrum of business sectors.